About us

Micromax Electronics Industrial Group

Powering the Embedded Industrial Equipment since 1986 Background:

With more than 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing of industrial equipment. Micromax Electronics Industrial Group is the largest design and manufacturer of industrial relays, household electricity protection equipment, and precise digital tools in Iran. More than 80 different products constitute a wide range of products manufactured by this industrial group. In addition, with several patent rights, we are recognized as a high-tech company in the novel industrial at a national level.

Our latest achievement was securing a patent in the USA
(NO: US 90658971B2) on 23rd of June 2015.

Thanks to our nationwide sales network and free after-sale services, which is the largest sale network in the country, we have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction. Along with exports to most of the countries in the region, our customer’s satisfaction has been always a major motivation for our progress.We are proud to be able to continue to outpace the market with innovations and products that have left their mark on the industry, and will for years to come. Furthermore, Micromax Electronics Industrial Group will always strive to provide
customers with the solutions they need to stay ahead of their competition – at the lowest possible price without compromising quality or customer service.