(Phase failure relay without neutral (null line

Phase  Failure  Relay  without  Ground

connection for protection of three-phase

motors and Input power

Dimensions: 53.75.98mm

Supply Voltage: three-phase 380V AC 50Hz

Asymmetry sensibility: 3% to 30%

Delay time Connect: From 1 to 30 sec. adjustable

 Delay time Disconnect: From 1 to 15 sec. adjustable

Internal fuse: 10A in contact path 15

Internal supply: 380V AC transformer

Announced outages error and phase displacement: Red LED

Announced error in increasing voltage: Red LED

Announced error in decreasing voltage: Red LED

Announced the existence of the supply voltage: Green LED

Normal operation relay: Green LED

Output Relay: A two-way contact of SPDT

Contact current maximum 10A

Power consumption : <1.2VA